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We buy water filters or water purifiers for our homes to provide safe and healthy water for our families, knowing the risks associated with normal tap water. With so many water filters available in the market, do we know how to choose a safe one?

Is the manufacturer a reputable water filter brand? Unfortunately, all significant brands have imitation replacements parts in the market

Are certified products safer?

Are products certified to meet NSF/ANSI 53 (Health Effects) safer?

Are Water Quality Association Gold Seal Certifed products safer?

Are Halal Certified products preferred? Halal certified products do not contain animal parts

Are we buying original products or original parts?

Are original replacement parts available?

Are we buying imitation replacement parts?

Is the payment method reliable & safe?

With the Diamond Home Spring Water Plan for the Diamond Classic or Diamond Health Water System (G1500), our customers are assured of all of the above. Why?

The products are maintained and service by the manufacturer (NEP / Diamond). Customers need not buy replacement filters, as the scheduled filter changes are included in the Home Spring Water (service) Plan. Customers do not even have to track the changes, as our Diamond service department will call for an appointment when the change is due. Products are warranty and insured (fire & theft) during the entire service plan duration

Healthy & safe regards from the Diamond Water Malaysia Team

16 thoughts on “Safe Choice”

  1. Dear Albert,

    Filters A & B are recommended to be changed annually,
    Filter F, every year, &
    Filter C & E, every 3 years

    If you have not changed for 3 years or more, would recommend that you replace A, B, C, E & F

    Please advise if you require more information, or your contact and location for us to serve you.

    Thank You,
    Happy & Healthy regards,
    Andrew & the Diamond Water Team

  2. Hi Kok,

    We appreciate your interest and your positive comments.

    For the record, Diamond Home Spring Water is of pH 7 to 8.5, which is mildly alkaline. You may also refer to the pH levels of high quality mineral water, such as Perrier and Evian, 🙂

    Yes, our blood is also alkaline. Our digestive system is acidic to digest food. Soda is very alkaline, and soap is alkaline. Our skin is acidic.

    Do advice if you require further info, or an appointment with a Diamond consultant serving your area.

    Thank You, & Have a pleasant Easter Weekend,

    Happy & Healthy regards,
    Andrew & the Diamond Water Team.

  3. Dear sir,

    diamond water is rich in mineral ,free of bacteria ,high oxygen . but its not alkaline water, alkaline is important to our body blood

  4. Hi Kim,

    The safety of the Reverse Osmosis drinking water filter system, as any filtration system would be based on safety certification from accredited bodies, such as NSF, WQA, or UL. The NSF/ANSI 53 standard is for health effects. Personally, I would not recommend long term drinking of reverse osmosis water, as the process can result in ultra clean water that is closed to deionised or distilled water. For more independent info, you may refer to

    Notably, the 2 trusted and dominant water purifier brands in Asia, Amway eSpring and Diamond, have not adopted the reverse osmosis filtration process in the systems. Also, as a consumer, I would choose a system based on certifications of International standards, whether RO or otherwise. Boiling, may kill some bacteria, but unfortunately does not remove contaminants in the water

    Happy & Healthy regards,
    Andrew & the online Diamond Water Team

  5. Dear Miss Ean Ooi,


    The Diamond Home Spring Water:-
    – is Clean & Safer without bacteria, heavy metals, or chemical pollutants
    – tastes better (sweetish)
    – contains essential minerals similar to high quality mineral water, including calcium, magnesium, sodium, potassium, and trace elements
    – is mildly alkaline, pH from 7 to 8.5
    – is easily absorbed by the human body, and boost metabolism. Also, no bloating feeling

    The Diamond Classic system is certified by WQA to NSF/Ansi 42 (taste) and NSF/Ansi 53 (health effects) standards

    The 3 years Diamond Home Spring Water Plan, means usage of 30+ liters per day for drinking, food preparation, cooking, … I am unsure, whether you have signed-up or planning to sign-up; you may refer to the usage tips booklet with the product for the details

    Please advice of your location, if you require our local sales consultant to serve you

    Thank You,

    Happy & Healthy regards,
    Andrew & the Diamond Water Team
    +60127189700 🙂

  6. Dear Person In Charge,

    I only sign up the Pelan A Diamond Classic for my small condo. Please advise what the advantages on this water for our daily use.

    Thank you and best regards,

    Ean Ooi

  7. Hello Jazz,

    We appreciate your interest in our products and services.

    The Diamond Energy Water System (DEWS) was the initial 6 filter cartridges produced by Diamond more than 10 years ago. Over time, this G1500 model was improved and enhanced due to the changing conditions of our treated water supply in Malaysia. Currently, the G1500 model is known as the Spring Water System.

    The Diamond Classic (N3000) model is an improved 6 filter cartridges model, developed from the G1500. Only the Ceramic Sterasyl Filter A, OEM in England is the identical filter used in both the Classic & the Spring Water System. The other 5 filters are similar. Young ladies and children may be able to differentiate the taste from these 2 system.

    Both systems are marketed in Malaysia, customized to the treated water supply in Malaysia. The systems marketed in Singapore, Hong Kong, and Taiwan are designed for according to the water treatment processes in the respective countries.

    Do advice, if you require an appointment with our local sales consultant serving your location in Malaysia.

    Thank You & Healthy regards,
    Andrew & the Diamond Water Team


  8. Hi there,

    I would like to install the diamond water system inside my house.
    Can u email me the details and what kind of packages are available now?
    So that I can have a look in.
    Thanks a lot.


  9. Thanks Andrew,

    I just saw this answer, do you have the list of mineral contained from Diamond filter water ?
    This is interesting info. I might change my mind about RO water.

    Thank you,

  10. Dear Regina,

    We appreciate your interest in our products and services

    No, Diamond Water Systems are very different to RO water filters. The Diamond Home Spring Water is high quality mineral drinking water, while the RO water is ultra clean water that is close to de-ionized water (no mineral content).

    I will be emailing you the product and promo details.

    Our HQ is in Seri Kembangan. I can inform our sales consultant serving your area to call you for an appointment.

    Have a pleasant weekend,

    Healthy regards,
    Andrew & the Diamond Water Team

  11. Dear Andrew,

    Browsing your website, I have a few questions that I want to clarify regarding the Diamond water system.

    Is the Diamond water system same with RO water filter ?
    If it’s different, what is the advantage of Diamond water system ?
    Where is the distributor in Kuala Lumpur ?

    Many thanks for your response.


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