Reverse Osmosis Water Test Scam | Scare Customer Scam

I was recently serving a customer who requested for a water cleanliness demonstration, as she was shown one by a salesperson selling a MLM reverse osmosis water filtration system. We have also received calls from customers inquiring about the “cleanliness” of our Diamond Home Spring Water, after being shown such scam demonstrations.

RO Water Test Scam Familiar? You may have been conned

The Diamond Home Spring Water filtration systems are certified by the Water Quality Association to meet the NSF/ANSI 53 Standard (Drinking Water Treatment Units – Health Effects)

Don’t be fooled by this RO Water Test Scam, by visiting Yes, such scams are not localized to Malaysia

This water test scam uses a water precipitator and two glasses of water. 1 glass with RO water from their systems, and 1 glass with either tap water or water from your existing water filter. The dissolved minerals in the water in the second glass will precipitate around the electrodes of the precipitator, hence giving an impression that the water is dirty and unsafe to drink. The glass of RO water, which has very low to no minerals does not conduct electricity, resulting in no precipitation. However, by adding a little table salt into the glass of RO water, precipitation will occur. Only accredited water safety certification bodies such as the WQA or NSF, can advice you on the safety of your drinking water filter systems.

We hope that this information can help you choose the appropriate water filtration system for your needs, and not be tricked by such unscrupulous sales tactics

Healthy regards, Andrew & the online Diamond Water Team

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