Purchase with Purchase Promotion

We are having a Special Offer on the outdoor Diamond Master Filter, and also a Purchase With Purchase Promotion for the Diamond Classic Home Spring Water Plan:-

1. The class leading outdoor filter in Malaysia, the Diamond Master Filter (DMF) is available at the Special Offer Price of RM 699 + Installation RM 150. Retail Purchase Price is RM 1,980 + RM 150. Save a Massive RM 1,281. Limited Stock of 9,999 units

2. The Purchase with Purchase Offer is for the Diamond Classic Home Spring Water Plan, where we rebate you another RM 24 per month from the monthly fee of RM 89 per month. Hence, your monthly fee is only RM 65 per month for this 3 years service plan. You save a total of RM 24 x 36 months = RM 864 for the Diamond Classic, our latest high quality mineral water system

3. Total Savings for the Diamond Master Filter & the Diamond Classic Home Spring Water (3 years service) Plan Package is RM 1,281 + RM 864 = RM 2,145

4. The PWP price for the Diamond Classic Home Spring Water Plan is RM 499 Initial Fee + RM 50 Installation + RM65 per month auto-debit for 36 months

5. The Diamond Classic Home Spring Water Plan is a 3 years service plan, where we look after your system for you. The scheduled filter changes and services are included. Diamond will call you for an appointment for the changes in months #13 and #25. Option to re-new at the end of the service plan, and receive a new system

For us to serve you nation-wide, you may fill in the online inquiry form, email us at info@diamond-water.com or call us at +60127189700

Cheers & Healthy regards, Andrew & the Online Diamond Water Filter Team

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