Why trust Diamond Water Filters? The trusted Water Purifer Brand

1. Diamond Drinking Water Units & the Diamond SPA Shower units are Gold Seal Certified for the respective water treatment from the Water Quality Association (WQA), www.wqa.org

(NSF/ANSI 42: Aesthetic Effects [taste] & NSF/ANSI 53: Health Effects)

2. Once again, Diamond has been voted by consumers for the Reader’s Digest Trusted Brand Awards for the Water Purifier category, which started in year 2005

In 2010, Diamond is the Platinum Winner in Singapore, Gold Winner in Hong Kong, & Gold Winner in Malaysia

3. We have a 15 days money back customer satisfaction guarantee

Our water filter products are specific to the water treatment process of the country, & we do not directly market our products in countries that we have not evaluated our claimed effectiveness

The Diamond Home Spring Water Plan ensures that the Diamond Water that you drink and use to prepare food, cook, brew beverage, do facial, … is indeed good quality mineral water. We look after the Water Filter Systems to ensure that the mineral water supplied to your home do meet our factory requirements

Healthy Wishes from the Diamond Water Team

For more information, email: info@diamond -water.com, call/message: +60127189700

4 thoughts on “Why trust Diamond Water Filters? The trusted Water Purifer Brand”

  1. Dear Mr. Michael,

    The Diamond drinking water filter units and the shower filter units are certified to comply to the corresponding NSF/ANSI standards by the World Quality Association, http://www.wqa.org.

    Somehow, it seems this discussion has side-tracked to the authority of the Certification Body

    For futher explanation of the WQA Goldseal Certification, you can also check out the following link:

    Perhaps, it is the recognition and acceptance of our brand Diamond in the water purifying industry in Asia, that some have to discredit our credentials, awards, & certifications

    Further inquiries for clarification are welcomed

    Warmest regards,

  2. Hi Sir, I would like to see the certification of 42 and 53 as well from the NSF website. If you can’t show it, that mean you are faking it right? I support the Anonymous request. You claim you have, show the world. If not, please stop telling consumers about your certification on NSF 42 and 53. Please be responsible on your product.


  3. Dear Anonymous.

    Good morning. Please check the links to http://www.wqa.org in this post for the NSF/ANSI ratings that Diamond branded products are certified to conform to. Also, you can refer to the Water Quality Association’s criteria in the issuance of the Gold Seal Certification for “all products and chemicals that contact drinking water”: http://www.wqa.org/sitelogic.cfm?id=1897

    Product safety and the postive health effects for our customers are of the highest priority

    Anyway, at the end of the day, your choice of product is yours

    Appreciate your positive contributions for site content improvement. However, anonymous abuses are treated as spam

    Warmest regards,

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