Diamond Water Filter Promotion

Wishing all a Happy Mid-Autumn Festival,

To start enjoying unlimited Diamond Home Spring Water for drinking, cooking, brewing beverages, washing and soaking seafood, meat, vegetables, and fruits, only pay a refundable deposit of RM499, a RM50 installation fee, and an affordable monthly fee. The Diamond Home Spring Water Plan is a 3 years service plan, where Diamond will look after the drinking water system for your 3 years of use: scheduled filter changes, service, and maintenance are included

The monthly fee for our value Diamond Spring Water System (G1500) Plan is only RM60 per month; RM 2 per day for the unlimited use of high quality mineral water for you and your loved ones to use

The monthly fee of the Diamond Classic Home Spring Water Plan at RM 89 per month; the Diamond Classic is our latest drinking water model

To help customers to upgrade to the Diamond Classic, we accept trade-in’s for your old filter, either Diamond or others. Save RM 20 per month, or a total of RM 720 for the 3 years service plan. Your monthly fee for the Diamond Classic Home Spring Water Trade-in Plan is only RM 69 per month

Healthy regards from the Online Diamond Water Team

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