Diamond Water Filter Price

The Diamond Water Filter Sytems are FREE, by joining the Diamond Home Spring Water Plans with a minimal daily fee of  RM 2

Currently, we have four Diamond Water Filter Systems available in Malaysia, two drinking water units, the outdoor Diamond Master Filter for incoming water, and the Diamond SPA shower unit. Join the Diamond Home Spring Water Plan with a refundable deposit of RM499, & the corresponding installation fee for any of these Water Filter Systems

The health water drinking units available are the Diamond Health Water System (G1500) and our latest model, the Diamond Classic. The G1500 is our basic model, where the Diamond Home Spring Water Plan monthly fee is only RM 60. Diamond Classic with the Diamond Home Spring Water Plan is only RM 89 per month

Although healthy drinking water is the most vital to life, we at Diamond have also recognise the risk of using “dirty water” other than drinking to our well being. We may be unaware that some of the symptomatic skin allergies that our friends and family members suffer, may be linked to “dirty water”. Hence, we have the Diamond SPA, specifically designed for shower and bathing, for better hair and skin health. Higher end hair saloons have started installing Diamond SPA shower units for improved customer service and more effective treatment

The outdoor Diamond Mater Filter with revolutionary Filtron(TM) technology will filter impurities 10 times finer than a strand of hair, equivalent to 10 microns. Conventional sand filtration medium filters can only filter impurities up to 100 microns. We have performed repeated field tests against the competition successfully, outperforming them each time (turbidity 1.2, and filtration efficiency 99.89%)

We have also included the Diamond Master Filter and Diamond SPA in our Diamond Home Spring Water service plans available in Malaysia. Pay a RM 499 refundable deposit, the installation fee, and a monthly fee of RM 50.00 for the DMF and RM 50.00 for the SPA. The service plans includes a new system, and scheduled filter changes and service for the durations of the 3 years service plan

Also, note that the Diamond Home Spring Plans are with a RM 499 refundable deposit , while the earlier plans include a non refundable registration fee. This deposit will be totally refunded, where the customer chooses to return the unit on the completion of the 3 years plan. Customers can also choose to keep the unit, and perform their own servicing and filter changes on the expiration of the plan. On continuation of each plan, Diamond will install a new system, hence your unit will not be outdated. Our lastest drinking water unit is the Diamond Classic, the Diamond SPA revision 2, and Diamond Master Filter revision 4, with new Filtron(TM) and much improved and user friendly back-wash systen

Healthy regards from the Diamond Water Team

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