Diamond Purchase With Purchase Promotion

Diamond Water Filter Malaysia is having a Purchase With Purchase Promotion

1. Limited to 9,999 units of the outdoor Diamond Master Filter (DMF) at a very special price of RM 849 net, including installation (RM 699 + RM150 for the installation). You save a massive RM 1,281; the normal price being RM 1,980 + RM 150 for the installation = RM 2,130

2. You are then entitled to a RM 24 per month discount for the 3 years Diamond Classic Home Spring Water Plan. You save another RM 24 x 36 months = RM 864. The Diamond Classic is our latest 6 filters drinking mineral water filter system, and the Diamond Home Spring Water Plan is an all inclusive 3 years service plan; includes filter changes in months number 13 & number 25, 3 years product warranty, 3 years insurance against theft and fire. To start enjoying the Diamond Classic Home Spring Water Plan, just pay an Initial Fee of RM 499 and a RM 50 Installation fee. The auto-debited monthly fee is RM 65, instead of the normal RM 89 ( 89 – 24 = 65)

** Note: the pricing for this 2 products package is better than the previous Buy 1 (Classic) Free 1 (DMF) Promotion. Also, customer may choose to have the leading Malaysia home outdoor filter only, at the very special price of RM849 net ( RM 929, in Sabah and Sarawak)

Our sales consultants throughout Malaysia are looking forward to serve you:-

info@diamond-water.com  or +60127189700 for immediate response

Healthy regards from the Online Diamond Water Filter Malaysia Team

2 thoughts on “Diamond Purchase With Purchase Promotion”

  1. Hi Joanne,

    Yes, these promotions are still valid. We also appreciate your interest in our products & services.

    For us to serve, please forward your contact to info@diamond-water.com

    Thank You,

    Happy & Healthy regards,
    Andrew & the Diamond Water Team

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