Diamond Water Bar | New Diamond Water Dispensers

With the popular requests for water dispensers for the office, Diamond Water Malaysia will soon be introducing a range of Hot and Cold Water Dispensers with Diamond Home Spring Water.

Currently, we have the Diamond Classic PLUS Home Spring Water Plan package with Hot and Normal water dispenser for the Home.

Initial Fee of RM699 + Installation RM100, and monthly fee of RM110 for the Diamond Classic PLUS Home Spring Water Plan. We accept trade-in of old drinking water filters of up to RM1,476 rebate for Diamond brands and RM720 for other brands. Interested? +60122081163 or info@diamond-water.com


5 thoughts on “Diamond Water Bar | New Diamond Water Dispensers”

  1. Hi Swee,
    The FREE Diamond Coral Water Bar is a Hot water and Room temperature water dispenser. No cold water.
    FYI, the product has yet to be launched, and will be delivered when available.
    Power button, Lock button, Hot Water button, and Room Temperature button.
    Please advise of your location and contact for further assistance.
    Thank You & Have a pleasant weekend,
    Diamond Water Team

  2. The diamond coral platinum free with water bar.

    May I know the water bar are with hot and cold water function.

    I saw from the picture above -it has four buttons. what are the function of the four buttons?


  3. Thanks Andrew.

    Can the hot water function be switched off?

    We are currently renovating our house. Is it recommend to install during or after the renovation?

    Our new house is in Seremban and should be ready by X’mas but currently we are in Singapore.

    What credit card do you accept for instalment plan?

  4. Good morning Joey,

    Apologies for the delayed reply.

    Duration of the service plan is 3 years, and the monthly fee is applicable for the same period. Can offer you a monthly fee of 90 per month, less 20 on the normal rate of 110.

    Alternatively, you may also consider the full payment promotion price of 3,175. Includes service and filter changes. Interest Free Instalment credit card payment plans are available.

    Do advice if you require more info or an appointment for us to serve you (please advice of location and contact number).

    Thank you, and have a pleasant weekend,
    Andrew and the Diamond Water Team

  5. Initial Fee of RM699 + Installation RM100, and monthly fee of RM110 for the Diamond Classic PLUS Home Spring Water Plan.

    How long should I pay for the monthly fee of RM110?

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