Why is Diamond Water the Best?

Unlike normal water filters that only provides cleaner water, Diamond Drinking Water Filters are Health Water Systems. Hence, Diamond has been known as the Health Water Specialist.

Diamond Drinking Water is not Reverse Osmosis (RO) water or just clean drinking water. Diamond Drinking Water is good quality mineral water. Good quality mineral water is the best grade of drinking water. Compare the prices of the various bottled drinking water available: distilled drinking water, RO drinking water, and Mineral Water.

Diamond Mineral Water is comparable in taste and mineral content to the more expensive bottled mineral water available. Due to the mineral content, Diamond drinking water is ionised with desired ions. Chlorinated tap water is also ionised but the contents are subjective. RO and distilled water are initially deionised, however due to the leaching effect it will be ionised by the air in the environment.

Diamond mineral water is also pH balanced: mildly alkaline, to be exact. We do not need extremely alkaline drinking water, as our digestive systems are highly acidic to digest food. As to the anti-oxidant benefits of extremely alkaline water quoted by some Ionised Alkaline Water filter companies, it is unproven medically and rather subjective, when there are so many ant–oxidant juices that are acidic, notably Cranberry juice

Our life is short, only measured in decades, we work hard and hence deserve the best. Water is vital to life. Why not drink the best, as we deserve to dirnk the best. Good quality Mineral Water is the best, & Diamond Drinking Water is as good as natural spring water. With a Diamond Health Water Sytem installed, your family can drink unlimited mineral water, & can use mineral water to wash and prepare (cook)  healthier meals

Healthy wishes from the Diamond Water Team

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