Health Effects of Purified Water, from Wikipedia

We at Diamond Water truly strive to provide our customers with Healthy Drinking Water, and we have received the Gold Certification from Water Quality Association for for Drinking Water Treatment Units (NSF/ANSI 42: Aesthetic Effects [taste] & NSF/ANSI 53: Health Effects).

Check out some info from Wiki about Purified Water:

Now that you have a better idea about the different types of purified water, you can appreciate the health benefits of Diamond Mineral Water produced from our Diamond Health Water System and our latest model, Diamond Classic

Diamond Water is not just purified water, Diamond Water is Healthy Mineral Water for drinking. Taste and experience the difference, whether drinking Diamond Water, mixing drinks, brewing beverage, cooking, food preparation (washing, soaking, …,) or for facial.

Healthy regards from the Diamond Water Team

3 thoughts on “Health Effects of Purified Water, from Wikipedia”

  1. Dear Zaihan,

    Thank You for bringing up this weakness of drinking purified water, where the most pure would be distilled or deionized water. Knowing the possible risks of drinking “normal” purified water, Diamond health water filter systems produces high quality mineral water, suitable for drinking, even without boiling. These are the very same reasons resulting in Diamond/NEP Holdings choosing not to manufacture and market reverse osmosis water filter systems, as well

    With Diamond Health Water systems, we are consuming high quality healthy mineral water, not just purified water. Currently in Malaysia, our customers will also enjoy a 30 days money back satisfaction guarantee

    Warmest regards,
    Andrew, & the Diamond Water Team

  2. Actually, the Wikipedia article linked to mostly lists the detrimental effects of drinking purified water.

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