Diamond Energy Water?

A RM 850+ rebate for our loyal Diamond Customers to upgrade to our latest health water drinking filter system, the Diamond Classic.  Includes the Diamond Energy Water model that was launched in Malaysia more than 10 years ago, the Diamond Compact, and the Diamond Anti-Bac, whether functional or not

With the Diamond Home Spring Water (service) Plan, only pay a RM499 refundable deposit and RM50 for the technician to install the Diamond Classic to start the service plan. Although the monthly fee for new customers is RM89, existing customers only pay RM65 after deducting the rebate as pro-rated through the full service plan period of 3 years; minimum period is effectively 9 months (6 month usage + 3 months notice). This service plan includes the scheduled annual filter changes and associated services for you and your loved ones to enjoy unlimited use of high quality healthy mineral water from a source as good as a natural spring in your home. With the service plan, you are assured of receiving original, safe and high quality products from Diamond

Quote from Mr. Choi Lan (Internationally Renowned Food Critic) in 2009, “For me, natural spring water is the best, and Diamond Home Spring Water is just like natural spring water! It tastes simply different – sweetish, smooth and refreshing. I loved it the moment I tasted it 8 years ago. You have to try it yourself to feel the difference, you’ll regret it if you don’t!”

This difference is most obvious, if the diamond water is not boiled, as you can taste or feel the freshness of “spring water”. Hence the myth that you cannot boil diamond water. Yes, you can use boil or brew diamond water to make your favourite beverages, or boil your favourite soup. For our new and existing Diamond Customers, please refer to the usage tips booklet for more details

Diamond Water is healthy high quality mineral water, not just clean purified water

Healthy regards from the Diamond Water Team

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