Diamond Coral Water Purifier Product Review

As a user of the Diamond 6 filters drinking water purifiers for more than 15 years, we have experienced the design improvements as a customer.

From the G1500 Diamond Energy Water System (DEWS) that required an additional pre-filter, as the original Made in England Ceramic Sterasyl Filter get blocked too easily. Subsequently, the manufacturer in England, OEM  the Diamond Ceramic Strerasyl Filter A for G1500, the N3000 Diamond Classic and the current Diamond Coral series of models.

The N3000 Classic that was launched in 2008 was a major design improvement on the G1500, doing away with the hoses connecting each filter, with easier maintenance and protection against re-pollution when servicing and replacing filters. The plug-in filters for the Diamond Classic are however, at times difficult to remove, due to air lock. In 2014, the N3000W Diamond Classic White was introduced, where the filters will pop-up when turned anti-clockwise.

In March 2015, the Diamond Coral series was launched with 5 models: Diamond Mini Gold and Platinum (3 filters systems) and Diamond Coral, Coral Gold and Coral Platinum (6 filters systems). Hence, a wider range of products of the same design to cater for customers’ requirements of their Alkaline drinking water (different content). Superior built quality, and better design for simpler maintenance and improved customer experience.

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