Diamond Coral Water Bar Demo

Have received my unit in February, 2016.

Points observed during usage:-
1. Ensure have drinking water supply before switching on. However, if there is no water supply or insufficient water pressure, the unit should not switch on
2. During usage, if the water supply is interrupted, recommended to switch-off, as a precaution (for both hot water and room temperature water)
3. Room temperature start and stop is immediate
4. Hot water will start flowing after 3 seconds ( 3 steps safety: if the Unit is OFF, Power ON -> Unlock -> Hot Water ); due to some reserved water, the first couple of seconds will not be boiling hot. Please note that Beverages only require 80 to 90 degrees C.
5. Hot water will drip for about 5 seconds, after Switching Off the Hot Water (can press any of the 4 buttons to Stop)

Please check with the Installer on the proper usage, when you receive your Diamond Coral Water Bar; current waiting time is about a couple of weeks


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