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A water ionizer is an appliance that ionizes water. Although there is no empirical evidence that ionized water is beneficial to human health, it is marketed with claims that it is an antioxidant and can slow aging and prevent disease.[1] Such claims contradict basic laws of chemistry and physiology.[2]


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Electrolyzed water loses its potency fairly quickly, so it cannot be stored for long.[2] Electrolysis machines are expensive.[1][3] The electrolysis process needs to be monitored frequently for the correct potency.[1][3]

People selling water ionizers for home use claim the alkaline water provides health benefits[1] without harming healthy tissue,[8] but these claims are not supported by scientific research and contradict basic aspects of chemistry and physiology.[9] [10]


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For the record, Diamond Home Spring Water is mildly alkaline, at less than pH 8.5, & is stabilised/ionised with minerals (Filter E)¬†and calcium (Filter F). With the Diamond Home Spring Water Plans, you have a “FREE Trial” through our 30 days money-back satisfaction guarantee; only the RM50 installation fee is not refunded

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