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Testimonial from HK Actress Christine Ng Wing Mei

Most, if not all decent skin care products contain purified water. Is it worth paying tens to hundreds of ringgit for skin care products, & yet cleanse ourselves with normal tap water? The skin, our largest organ will absorb chemicals such as Chlorine that we come into contact with. Shouldn’t skin care then include cleaning with purified water, instead of just Chlorine treated tap water?

With the Diamond SPA shower filter, you can bathe and cleanse with clean mineral water with traces of vitamin C. Diamond was one of the  brands with products certified by the Water Quality Association to meet the NSF/ANSI 177 standard (Shower Filtration System – Aesthetic Effects) in the world. http://www.wqa.org/goldseal/25.html

Healthy regards from the Diamond Water Malaysia Team

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  1. Greetings and appreciate your interest in our Diamond SPA shower filter. Our official claim is Chlorine reduction by at least 70%, as per test results by our R&D Department for tap water in Malaysia. Field tests in Malaysia have shown reduction by 80% to 90% for the Diamond SPA.

    Would appreciate that you could advice us of the “diamond agency” who informed you of the “free of chlorine” claim.

    Only our current drinking water filters in Malaysia, the Diamond Classic & Diamond Health Water Systems with flow rate of up to 1.5 litre per minute, can achieve close to 100% reduction in Chlorine. The filter B’s in both these systems have been upgraded to cater for the tap water in Malaysia, as compared to our Diamond Water systems marketed in the Singapore, Hong Kong, and Taiwan. Hence, you can also ponder about the effectiveness of those uncertified drinking water filter systems in Malaysia with fast flow rates.

    The Diamond SPA shower filter system certification is as below ( http://www.wqa.org/goldseal/25.html ):-


    NSF/ANSI 177 – Shower Filtration Systems – Aesthetic Effects

    This section of the directory lists those shower filter units which have been WQA certified in accordance with “Shower filtration systems – Aesthetic effects,” NSF/ANSI-177, and is published periodically by the Water Quality Association (WQA), as a service to the industry and consumers. The WQA is a not-for-profit international association of manufacturers, distributors, and dealers of water treatment systems for household, commercial, and industrial applications. This on-line directory is continuously updated to identify those water treatment equipment products that have been tested and passed stringent industry standards to become certified by the Water Quality Association.

    Certification means that a production model of the listed line of drinking water treatment units was tested at the Water Quality Association laboratory, or any of the other testing laboratories recognized by the Water Quality Association, and was found to have met the standards for reduction of specific aesthetic-related contaminants in drinking water. In addition, the materials and components used in these certified drinking water treatment units have met the additional requirements set by industry Standard NSF/ANSI-177.

    Block B, South City Plaza, Persiaran Serdang Perdana
    Taman Serdang Perdana, Seksyen 1
    Seri Kembangan, Selangor 43300
    Phone: (603) 8948-2399

    Product Type: Shower Filter

    Brand Name Model Replacement Component Rated Service Flow (gpm) Capacity (gallons)
    Diamond Spa DSPA3800 Filter A, Filter B 1.16 3246

    To cater for the fast flow required in the Diamond SPA shower filter and maintain at least 70% reduction of chlorine levels for tap water in Malaysia, the recommended change in the 2 filter bags is every 6 months for an average family. This 6 monthly service and filters change are included in the Diamond Home Spring Water Plan. For people with skin sensitivity, I would recommend this service plan, as is quite common for water filter systems to choose not to change as scheduled or recommended.

    As users of the Diamond SPA shower filter, my family can claim that we have less dead skin. The reduction level is sufficient for us not to smell or taste chlorine when we shower and brush out teeth. And, definitely softer hair. Personally, I thought that my skin was sensitive to Kao facial wash, until I started using the Diamond SPA; seems that the trace levels of chemicals in our tap water reacted with the active ingredients in the Kao product.

    Hope that the additional info is of help to you. Do advice, if you require further information regarding our products and service.

    Healthy regards,

  2. i was shocked to know that diamond spa filters only 70% of chlorine from customer service phone.So its not true what diamond agency claims diamond spa ‘free of chlorine’

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