Diamond Master Filter RM899 Promotion + RM200 Installation

The Diamond Master Filter (DMF), the leading outdoor filter in Malaysia,  uses a high density fiber Filtron filter (10 microns) with a capacity of 800 to 850 litre per hour. The DMF is also available with the Diamond Home Spring Water Plan that ensures you and your loved ones worry free usage throughout the three years service plan, as service and filter changes are included.

We have an improved controller for back-washing, & improved high density fibre FILTRON 10 microns filter, which is 10 times better resolution than the conventional sand based outdoor filters. Fine enough and yet practical enough for use with the treated water supply in Malaysia.

** Note: in June 2015, we are having a very special promotion for the Diamond Master Filter: RM 1,099 net, including Installation. Save RM 1,481 on the normal retail price of RM 2,380 + RM 200 for the installation

Diamond Master Filter RM899 Promotion
Diamond Master Filter RM899 Promotion

Please call +60122081163 for us to serve you, anywhere in Malaysia. An additional charge of RM100 applies for installations in Sabah and Sarawak.

Thank You,

Healthy regards from the online Diamond Water Filter Team

80 thoughts on “Diamond Master Filter RM899 Promotion + RM200 Installation”

  1. Saya berminat dgn Diamond master filter tersebut.
    Lokasi Kuala Terengganu.
    Brp harga skrg?
    Pemasangan saya boleh pasang sendiri (plumber).
    Warranty brp lama?
    Kos penukaran sedimen brp & brp lama boleh guna?

  2. Hi Catherine,

    1. We are much better valued @ RM 1,099 (net promo price with installation)
    2. We are using high density fiber filtration media instead of sand (trap smaller particles)
    3. We do not reduce chlorine for our point of entry filter; chlorine is added by JBA to control bacteria, such as e-coli.

    Please advise of your location and contact for us to serve you.

    Thank You,
    Diamond Water Team

  3. What is the advantage of Diamond Master the outdoor unit over Hydroguard Evo II?

    Do you have a chart in comparison and results of yours versus Hydoguard Evo II?

    I am considering buying an outdoor unit.

  4. Hi Darren,
    Please note that a transportation fee applies for installations in Sarawak, Sabah and Langkawi, on top of the RM1,099 promo price with installation. Please advise of your contact for us to serve you.
    Thank You,
    Diamond Water Team

  5. Hi Masdi,
    As per advertised, 1,099 for the installation on the floor in your compound.
    Please advise of your contact for us to serve you.
    Thank You,
    Diamond Water Team

  6. Hi, i would like to have one diamond master filter. Can i know currently any promotion ? if not, what is the price ? My location is in Miri.

  7. Good Day,

    Could you send me the quotation for outdoor water filer for maintenance and installation fee so i could explorer more.

    thank you.

  8. Hi,
    I believe that our KB office has called you. Otherwise, please advise of your contact for us to serve you.
    Thank You & Have a pleasant evening,
    Diamond Water Team

  9. Hi Farah,
    For the service packages, the annual service and maintenance is included for the duration of the package (either 3 years or 5 years).
    You will need to call for service, if it is an outright purchase (without service package).
    Harap boleh bantu.
    Terima Kasih,
    Diamond Water Team

  10. Hi LS,
    Yes, you will need to pay the Diamond technician for the re-installation.
    There is no trade-in option for the DMF. FYI, the current promo price is less than 50% of the normal retail price.
    Thank You, 🙂

  11. I currently already have a outdoor water filter. If I want to install the Diamond Outdoor unit, do I still need to pay RM180 installation charges? How about old unit trade in option? Regards,LS

  12. Interested in this offer. Is it still available? Need outdoor water filter for my house. Tq

  13. Hi, may i check with you when is the last day of the promotion? (no GST applicble, right?)
    Please advise how to maintain or clean the filter?
    thank you.

  14. Hi Parvin.
    Yes, it is a one time charge. There are no monthly fees. A RM180 installation fee is applicable.
    Happy & Healthy regards,
    Andrew & the Diamond Water Team

  15. Thank You Miss. Wong,
    Happy Sunday to you.
    Yes, the RM 799 promotion + RM 180 for the installation on the floor is still valid.
    Is is still valid until the end of the year. It may be extended.
    Yes, it can be installed in condominiums, subject to the design of the room for the water meters and as approved by the Management of the condominium. Please refer to your building management for advice.
    For further assistance, please advise of your location and contact.
    Thank You,
    Happy & Healthy regards,
    Andrew & the Diamond Water Team
    +6012 208 1163 or care@diamond-water.com

  16. good day to you.
    may I know did this promotion still valid? when is the ending date? did it suitable for condominium user?
    thanks for kind assist.

  17. Hi Dorothy,
    We hope that you have received our email.
    Thank You & Have a good weekend,
    Andrew & the Diamond Water Team

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