Diamond Coral Water Purifier Product Review

As a user of the Diamond 6 filters drinking water purifiers for more than 15 years, we have experienced the design improvements as a customer.

From the G1500 Diamond Energy Water System (DEWS) that required an additional pre-filter, as the original Made in England Ceramic Sterasyl Filter get blocked too easily. Subsequently, the manufacturer in England, OEM  the Diamond Ceramic Strerasyl Filter A for G1500, the N3000 Diamond Classic and the current Diamond Coral series of models.

The N3000 Classic that was launched in 2008 was a major design improvement on the G1500, doing away with the hoses connecting each filter, with easier maintenance and protection against re-pollution when servicing and replacing filters. The plug-in filters for the Diamond Classic are however, at times difficult to remove, due to air lock. In 2014, the N3000W Diamond Classic White was introduced, where the filters will pop-up when turned anti-clockwise.

In March 2015, the Diamond Coral series was launched with 5 models: Diamond Mini Gold and Platinum (3 filters systems) and Diamond Coral, Coral Gold and Coral Platinum (6 filters systems). Hence, a wider range of products of the same design to cater for customers’ requirements of their Alkaline drinking water (different content). Superior built quality, and better design for simpler maintenance and improved customer experience.

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Diamond Coral Water Bar Demo

Have received my unit in February, 2016.

Points observed during usage:-
1. Ensure have drinking water supply before switching on. However, if there is no water supply or insufficient water pressure, the unit should not switch on
2. During usage, if the water supply is interrupted, recommended to switch-off, as a precaution (for both hot water and room temperature water)
3. Room temperature start and stop is immediate
4. Hot water will start flowing after 3 seconds ( 3 steps safety: if the Unit is OFF, Power ON -> Unlock -> Hot Water ); due to some reserved water, the first couple of seconds will not be boiling hot. Please note that Beverages only require 80 to 90 degrees C.
5. Hot water will drip for about 5 seconds, after Switching Off the Hot Water (can press any of the 4 buttons to Stop)

Please check with the Installer on the proper usage, when you receive your Diamond Coral Water Bar; current waiting time is about a couple of weeks


Arissto Coffee – Premium Coffee Capsules

The manufacturer of Diamond Water Filters is the authorized distributor of Arissto Premium Coffee Capsules in Malaysia.

Convenience of a cuppa of premium coffee at home, office or while travelling, with the portable Espresso maker and milk frother set, which is similar to the sets from Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf.

How premium? 100% blend of arabica and robusta coffee beans

How convenient to make a premium cuppa of espresso? Watch the video below.

Interested? Please call +6012 208 1163, fill in the contact form or drop us an email arissto@diamond-water.com for a quotation.

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+6012 208 1163

Love Can Be More by Frankie Wong Yet Fei and Catz, a Yayasan NEP Diamond Trust project

Love More.

Premiere of the theme song for the Love Can Be More project of Yayasan NEP Diamond Trust. Live singing by Frankie and Catz, accompanied by a prerecording with their lovely daughter.

More info about this project can be found at lovecanbemore.org

We appreciate the generosity and talent of Frankie in the production and singing of the lyrics.

Enjoy, & spread your Love, :-):-):-)

Diamond, the Caring Water Filter Brand in Malaysia.

Happy New Moon Festival

Have a Happy New Moon Festival. Cheers!

Good news, as we are having the same promotions in October as in September.

1. Diamond Master Filter RM699 product promotion + Installation Fee of RM180 (additional RM80 in Langkawi, Sabah, or Sarawak)

2. Purchase With Purchase Promotion for the Diamond Classic Home Spring Water Plan

3.  Loyal Customer Upgrade or Other Brand Trade-in promotions for the Diamond Classic Home Spring Water Plan

4. Introductory Promo Prices  for the Diamond Water Bar Hot and Cold Water Dispensers

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Diamond Water Filter Price Review | Trade-in Discount Coupons, from RM720 to RM1,440off

Still reviewing the Prices and Promotions for drinking Diamond Water Filters in Malaysia?

Paid about RM 2,000 for a Diamond Energy Water Filter? Yes, to upgrade to the Diamond Classic with 3 years service, we will rebate you 70% of  this payment or up to RM 1,440

The Selamat Merdeka Raya Promotion in August 2012 for the Diamond Classic Home Spring Water Plan: RM 40 off per month for our Loyal Customers. Save up to a total of RM 1,440 for this 3 years, all inclusive service plan (no other charges!)

The Promotion Price is Deposit RM 499 + Installation RM 50 + Monthly Fee of RM 49 per month (auto-debit for the duration of the service plan, which is 3 years). The Normal Monthly Fee of the Diamond Classic Home Spring Water Plan is RM 89 per month. Save RM 40 per month, Save RM 1,440 in total!

The Full Payment Promotion Price for the Diamond Classic Home Spring Water Plan for our existing loyal customers is RM 2,215 net ( RM 2,265 in Langkawi, Sabah, and Sarawak). Includes the service and the filter changes in months number 13 & number 25 of this 36 months all inclusive 36 months service plan. Save a total of RM 1,538!

Interested, but not yet a valued Diamond Customer.

1. You may purchase the outdoor Diamond Master Filter at the Super Special Price of RM699 + Installation RM180 (additional RM 80 for Langkawi, Sabah, and Sarawak),


2. You may purchase the Diamond PLUS dispenser with hot water at RM960 net (additional RM 80 for Langkawi, Sabah, and Sarawak)

For more info and inquiries in Malaysia, you may use the Online Inquiry Form (We Respond Within the Day) or call us +60122081163

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NOT Hong Leong Bank Credit Card Promotion 2012 August

Hong Leong Bank Promo for the outdoor Diamond Master Filter (DMF) + Diamond Classic Home Spring Water Plan

= DMF RM599 + Installation RM180 + Classic RM 2,419

= RM 3,198 or Monthly EPP Installments of RM 133.25 x 24 months

Not a Hong Leong Bank Credit Card Customer or a Hong Leong Bank Credit Card Customer who wants a better deal?

Yes, we can offer you a better price for the DMF + Diamond Classic Home Spring Water Plan for only RM 3.094,  SAVE a further RM104

Credit Card customers of Hong Leong, EON, Public, UOB, and OCBC can opt for up t0 24 months 0% Interest Installment Plan, with Monthly Installments of RM128.92 x 24 months

Credit Card customers of Citibank and Maybank can opt for up t0 18 months 0% Interest Installment Plan, with Monthly Installments of RM171.89 x 18 months

Credit Card customers of HSBC, CIMB, Ambank, Alliance, RHB, and Standard Chartered can opt for up t0 12 months 0% Interest Installment Plan, with Monthly Installments of RM257.83 x 12 months

Call us @ 0122081163 for us to serve you.

Thank You, Andrew & the Diamond Water Team

Diamond Water Bar | New Diamond Water Dispensers

With the popular requests for water dispensers for the office, Diamond Water Malaysia will soon be introducing a range of Hot and Cold Water Dispensers with Diamond Home Spring Water.

Currently, we have the Diamond Classic PLUS Home Spring Water Plan package with Hot and Normal water dispenser for the Home.

Initial Fee of RM699 + Installation RM100, and monthly fee of RM110 for the Diamond Classic PLUS Home Spring Water Plan. We accept trade-in of old drinking water filters of up to RM1,476 rebate for Diamond brands and RM720 for other brands. Interested? +60122081163 or info@diamond-water.com


Diamond SPA mineral water shower filter with Astrid Chan in Malaysia

Video testimonial from HK TVB artist, Astrid Chan, about the Diamond SPA mineral water shower filter during the recent loyal Diamond customers sharing tour of Malaysia in May 2012, which included Kepong, Kajang, Ipoh Penang, Johor Bahru, and Puchong

Astrid Chan on Skin Care

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Happy Mother’s Day

Diamond Water Malaysia wishes all Mummies,

Happy Mother’s Day on May 13, 2012


In the event that you did not make it to the HOMEDEC KLCC April 2012, you may contact us for the RM720 Rebate Coupon for trade-in drinking water filter of other brands, or the RM1,440 Rebate Coupon for our existing loyal customers to upgrade to the Diamond Classic Home Spring Water. Contact Form, or info@diamond-water.com

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