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Diamond Water Purifier is a Trusted Brand, when comes to Water Purifiers, being a winner of the Reader’s Digest Trusted Brand Gold and Asia Awards for Malaysia, Hong Kong and Singapore. Diamond Water Purifier has also previously received the RD Trusted Brand Platinum Award.

The drinking water filters, including the latest Diamond Coral series are Gold Seal Certified Drinking Water Treatment Units by the Water Quality Association to meet the ANSI 42 and ANSI 53 standards.

Diamond Water Filter Systems, based on Japanese technology, as manufactured by NEP Holdings (Malaysia) Berhad were introduced to Malaysia, more than 20 years ago. Through all these years, Diamond only produces water filter systems to promote a healthier lifestyle. Diamond strives to only producing “Healthy Water Filter Systems”, and have not adopted other technologies that we know are inferior (i.e. reverse osmosis systems, or sand based outdoor filtration systems)

Also, to meet the needs of all Malaysians, all the products sold in Malaysia are submitted for Halal Certification.

Contact us & we will assigned one of our reputable authorized sales consultants or technicians to serve you in Malaysia. We have a Team of local Sales Consultants nation-wide to serve you; from Perlis, Kedah, Kelantan, Penang, Perak, Selangor, Kuala Lumpur, Terengganu, Pahang, Negeri Sembilan, Melaka, Johor, Sabah, and Sarawak.

Happy & Healthy Regards  from our Online Diamond Water Filter Malaysia Team

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  1. Interested in Diamond Master Filter, Need some clarification:

    1) latest Raya Promotion price?
    2) How long the cloth filter can last and needed a replacement?
    3) How much to replace the filter?
    4) Recommended interval of servicing the filter i.e. to pressure wash the filter?
    5) Price of each service?
    6) The Filtron filter is made in china?
    7) Tank body material? Made in china too?

    Thank you!

  2. Hi Sha,

    We appreciate your interest in our drinking water systems.

    a) We have the Diamond Coral series, where there are 6 models for you to choose
    b) Prices are based on packages, including service and filter changes for 3 years usage
    c) Perhaps, looking at the wrong website
    d) Both of these models are still available; we have old stock for the Diamond Classic (N3000 White, 2014 model)

    Please advise of your location and contact for us to serve you.

    Thank You,
    Diamond Water Team

  3. Hi.

    I need to know on Diamond water systems as I wanted to install it at my place.

    My questions are:

    a) What models that you have?
    b) Pricing? Is the pricing based on rented pricing or I can buy it directly from you?
    c) I read from your website and found information about Coral model. But I cannot find it through Diamond website. Why?
    d) Is Classic and Spring model still available?


  4. Hi KM Goh,
    Mechanical filtration. Coral series was launched with 3 models with 6 filters systems: Coral, Coral Gold and Coral Platinum. There is also the Coral Mini series (3 filters systems). All models have Calcium content sourced from Corals for Alkaline drinking water.
    Please advise of your location and contact for us to serve you.
    Thank You & Have a good weekend,
    Andrew & the Coral Team

  5. Hi Diamond water team,

    I wish to understand more about your diamond coral water filtration technology and how much the cost for the maintenance.
    Please advise.

  6. Hi, I am looking for your dealer or branch office in Miri Sarawak for servicing. I can’t find any address or contact in your website. Appreciate if you can provide me the contact.thank you

  7. Hi FS,
    You may call Ryan Tan for assistance in Ipoh ( 019 555 …. ), or message us your contact.
    Thank You,
    Andrew & the Diamond Water Team

  8. Hi, I am looking for your dealer or branch office in Ipoh for servicing. I can’t find any address or contact in your website. Appreciate if you can provide me the contact.

  9. Hi Tony,
    I would recommend that you consider upgrading to the 3 filters Diamond Coral Mini Platinum with the 3 years usage package at the promo price of RM2,250. Please advise of your contact and location for us to serve you.
    Thank You,
    Diamond Water Team

  10. Is the DMF NSF certified? Current promotion RM899 + free installation still on?
    location in penang, kindly provide the details on the maintenance too and cost. Thanks

  11. pls email me more info regarding diamond classic…..would like to trade in my old diamond….and live in sabah….any promotion?

  12. We are an new setup manufacturer paper pulp tray factory based at Nusa Cemerlang Industrial Park, Nusajaya, Johor. We are looking for table top and floor standing water dispenser for our company. Please let us know the details of water dispenser that your company supply and please quote the reasonable price. Thank you.

  13. Hi,
    I would enquire on your water purifier rental service, Appreciate if you can email me the details.


  14. Hi Joyce,
    Please advise of your contact for us to serve you in Sibu.
    Thank You,
    :-Diamond Water Team
    012 208 1163

  15. morning…i need diamond technician contact number for sibu branch. if possible, can you provide me the office n hp contact num urgent…i need to install this kind filter at my new house.thanks

  16. Hi.
    Please advise of your contact for us to serve you. You may messages us.
    Thank you.
    Andrew & the Diamond Water Team

  17. I’ved lost my diamond technician contact number for miri region. if possible, can you provide me the number. need to uninstall and install back because i,m moving out to my new house. urgent.

  18. Selamat petang Puan Mariam,

    Dan terimakasih membuat laporan tentang kes ini ke pihak Diamond

    Dengan pelan servis Diamond, Pelan Air Mineral Sistem Diamond (Diamond Home Spring Water Plan), dan sebelumny seperti Whole Life Service Plan, atau Sewa (Rental), …, servis center Diamond akan menghubungi pelanggan untuk (appointment) waktu yang sesuai. Technician tak akan dengan serta merta pergi ke rumah pelanggan untuk servis (mengejutkan pelanggan). Technician akan datang untuk buat servis dan menukar teras penapis air seperti yang dijadualkan, dan tidak menjual produk-produk yang bukan jenama Diamond

    Untul pelanggan yang membeli penapis air Diamond (tanpa pelan servis), mereka perlu call wakil atau servis center untuk jadualkan appointment untuk pernukaran teras penapis dan servis

    Kadar servis call ialah RM30.00 untuk penapis air minum dan mandi (Diamond SPA), dan RM50.00 untuk penapis air luar (Diamond Master Filter)

    Ya, Diamond tak ada produk ‘extended water tank’. Diamond ada dispenser air panas dan suam (Diamond PLUS)

    Harap dapat bantu, dan sentiasa berhati-hati

    Terimakasih dan salam mesra,
    Andrew and the online team

  19. Hai,

    Semalam umah saya di datangi dengan orang yang mengaku nak buat servis untuk water filter yg ada di umah saya. Kebetulan hanya saya seorang bersama dgn anak yg berumur setahun (baru nak keluar dari kereta)…Nasib baik org yg dtg tu tanya dimana suami saya dan sanggup menunggu suami saya balik sebelum melakukan kerja-kerja servis.

    Apa yang saya pelik, cara dia melakukan servis tidak seperti yang dia ajar oleh wakil Diamond yg dtg ke umah semasa kerja2 pemasangan dilakukan. Tambahan pula, mereka nak menjual kepada kami extended water tank yang saya rasa bukan dari Diamond. Mereka siap promosi dan sanggup bagi diskaun lagi. Jadi saya harap pihak Diamond dapat alert semua pengguna Diamond supaya tidak tertipu.

    Saya juga nak bertanya…jika wakil Diamond dtg untuk servis, adakah mereka akan telefon terlebih dahulu atau datang mengejut?

  20. Hello, Tuan Rafiqin,

    Just to update Tuan that Jabatan Kemajuan Islam Malaysia ( JAKIM ) has certified that Diamond products marketed in Malaysia, including Diamond Classic, Diamond Health Water System, Diamond Master Filter, Diamond SPA, and Diamond PLUS, have complied with the HALAL requirements according to Islamic Law

    Certificate reference: JAKIM/(S)/(22.00)/492/2/1 028-04/2010
    Valid from 1st October 2010

    Appreciate Tuan’s advice

    Terimakasih dan salam mesra,

  21. Hello, Selamat petang Tuan Rafiqin,

    Appreciate your advice & will approach management to re-consider JAKIM when certification renewal is due. Understanding is that previously, JAKIM only provided certification for food products and not other products. Hence, we worked with Islamic Food Research Centre Asia, a member of the World Halal Council and with office in Malaysia, to have our products certified Halal for this region, including Malaysia. For more details: http://www.halalfoodasia.org

    Thank You,

  22. Hi,

    As a muslim and a member of Persatuan Pengguna Islam Malaysia (PPIM) believe that Diamond should get the HALAL certification from JAKIM, the rightful authority of issuing such recommendation for muslim in Malaysia, not from Islamic Food Research Centre as of what Diamond has today.

    It doesn’t cost much for your company to get the REAL HALAL certification from JAKIM. This will certainly help you to have more malay and muslim users.

    Thank you.

  23. Selamat petang Kaka,

    Ya. Sijil Halal untuk produk-produk Diamond dari Islamic Food Research Centre Asia (IFRC Asia) untuk Malaysia dan Asia, http://www.halalfoodasia.org/

    Untuk rujukan Kaka, dah emelkan pdf file

    Harap boleh bantu

    Terimakasih dan salam mesra,
    Andrew & the Diamond Water Team

  24. Dear Tuan,

    Please advice of your location so that I can get one of our associates to serve you in Malaysia; we have a team of senior sales consultants to serve you in Penang, Alor Setar, Kedah, Ipoh, Lumut, Sitiawan, Perak, Selangor, Kuala Lumpur, Klang, Negeri Sembilan, Seremban, Port Dickson, Johor, Johor Bahru, Terengganu, Pahang, Kuantan, Kelantan, Perlis, Kuching, Miri, Bintulu, Sarawak, Kota Kinabalu, Sandakan, Sabah, …..

    Healthy regards,
    Andrew & the Diamond Water Team

  25. Can you give me the address of your authorized region and branch office for me to deal.
    So as to avoid the problem dealing with your unresponsible dealers. I think the main distributors is also partly responsible for act by dealers appointed.

  26. Dear Viona,

    Apologies for your encounter with one of our not so responsible dealers. Please lodge an official complaint to our NEP Hotline: 1800882399, where NEP may hold payments to the technician and dealer, to help resolve your case

    Personally, I am aware that there is an office run by a dealer at Mount Austin, & there are many dealers & promoters running around the country, which http://www.diamond-water.com are not asscociated with. At http://www.diamond-water.com, we have a selective pool of reputable service dealers and representatives

    In Johor Bahru, we have another regional office and a branch office run by Diamond (i.e. NEP) to service our customers

    You may also execute the 15 days money back customer satisfaction guarantee, if you are still within the 15 days period. Only lose the RM 50 installation fee. The hotline should be able to advice you

    Please note that your problem is not Diamond / NEP, but with an isolated dealer

    You may also call me personally, for further assistance, if all else fails

    Warmest regards,
    Andrew, & the Diamond Water Team

  27. I have a doubt on the customer service provide by the sales person called Shandy which is a around 50+ old woman from the branch at the austin height in Johor Bahru.
    The attitude of the sale person who called herself as shandy is really arrogant as i try to called her today ask her the incident happened during the installation, and the reply is very rude even i have clarify ” I’m miss ng from setia indah whom just fixed the diamond classic by your worker and we had meet on last Saturday 22/05/2010 around 245pm till 3pm in the 1st place and she just reply that “I have so many customer how I know which miss Ng are you? ” This is really ridiculous and I have really disappointed on the best service state in your slogan.

    I try to call her because of the installation cause my water tap spoilt and the worker just say because my tap is spoilt and now i have to pay additional money for them to fix it and they push all the responsibility to me like none their concern and even tried to sell me the new water tap, as the consumer i felt being cheated. I was refuse to buy the new water tap from her and the installation is done half way so she suggest to come tomorrow morning around 1130 am to my place to complete the installation and request me to pay additional.

    Furthermore the worker passed to me a little brush said the brush is use for cleaning but without any instruction or demonstration for the cleaning,” Do they think I’m born to know the cleaning steps for the diamond Classic???” If so, WHY I still need to pay RM50 for the installation since They aspect i born to know the cleaning steps and the installation shouldn’t be big problem.

    Is this the ” best service and delivery ” provide by your company??

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